In a bid to inspire youth visibility and as part of its efforts to celebrate the UN proclaimed International Year of Youth 12 August 2010 -11 August 2011, OpenSpace will host the inaugural YOUTHFEST ‘11 – Uganda’s largest youth festival from 8th – 10th July 2011.

What is YOUTHFEST ‘11

  • A platform – For more than 20,000 youth to engage, connect, learn and develop while having fun.
  • 3 days, 4 unique festivals – A 3 day event featuring four festivals in one place i.e. Art and culture Festival, Extreme Festival, Music Festival and Youth Brand Festival
  • Over 100 events – Different unique and exciting lifestyle activities covering various aspects of life, interests, knowledge and backgrounds relevant to youth.
  • More than 50 featured speakers – speaker Conferences and workshops run by top organizations, young role models, business leaders, government representatives and  media icons covering topics on creativity, career development, entrepreneurship, youth visibility and social media.
  • Uganda’s largest youth festival – A highly targeted and timely event that matches the needs and ambitions of Uganda’s youth and youth directed stakeholders.


  • Showcase and develop youth talent and skills;
  • Facilitate, profile and celebrate youth community contribution.
  • Connect youth with brands, entrepreneurs, leaders, government and media;

What makes YOUTHFEST ‘11 unique?

  • A user generated event – where interested youth and youth directed stakeholders will be able to organize an event/activity they are interested to host under the four different festivals.  Young people will also have an opportunity to recommend a speaker they would like to hear.
  • By youth for youth – No one understands youth issues than the youth themselves or people who work with young people. YOUTHFEST ‘11 is truly all about youth, for youth.
  • Council of Counselors – The events/activities and conferences will be guided and counseled by a panel of counselors, leaders of social stature committed to giving YOUTHFEST ’11 a platform of genuine impact.
  • Uganda’s first green festival – environmental considerations will have to be taken into account before, during, and after the events in order to  offset carbon emissions, save energy, recycle and adopt environmentally thoughtful measures wherever possible.
  • A highly collaborative event – By leveraging on the networks of various youth groups and youth directed stakeholders, YOUTHFEST ‘11 will become viral and spread fast like a wild fire.

Who will attend YOUTHFES ’11 ?

  • More than 20,000 youth who are trendsetters and influencers on campus, schools and in various social circles. Their peers look up to them for the latest trends, to know about the “next big thing” and the “must have” or “must do” or “must go” things and places.
  • Over 100 youth directed stakeholders and exhibitors looking to find a place in the lives of thousands of local youth riding on the largest youth event of the year.

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