Calendar of events

Art and culture Festival: This festival will feature live art and design, a cultural village, literature and cultural performances among other events to showcase the history, traditions, folklore, arts, crafts, and vernacular culture of Ugandan youth.

Extreme Festival: The Extreme festival will dig deep to unveil adventurous, exciting, daring and fun filled activities that match the energy, passion and interests of the current generation of youth such as Skating, street basketball, acrobatics, street soccer, pool, shooting and beach volley ball among others.

Music Festival: The Music Festival will feature both local and nationally known music talent from a variety of music genres accepted by youth. Live musical and comedy acts will be offered throughout the three days of the festival.

Youth Brand Festival: This is a unique festival where youth lifestyle brands and young people will come to see the hottest trends, new products and technologies, experience the industry and acquire the latest lines to drive store/street sales.

Conferences: speaker Conferences and workshops will be run by top organizations, young role models, business and social leaders, government representatives and media icons covering topics on creativity, career development, entrepreneurship, youth visibility and social media.


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